Mixed Garden Greens

with plum tomatoes, chopped English cucumber shaved Romano and balsamic vinaigrette

Classic Caesar Salad

with herb focaccia croutons, shards of parmesan and creamy parmesan & cracked pepper dressing

Organic Field Greens

with roasted pine nuts, chopped tomatoes, roasted red peppers, shaved parmesan and a lemon herb vinaigrette

Mesclun Greens

with candied walnuts, Anjou pears, goat cheese, champagne vinaigrette

California Salad

with poached pears, toasted pistachios, sun-dried cranberries, roasted shallot vinaigrette

Chopped Salad

with mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, red onion, crispy croutons with roasted shallot vinaigrette

Spinach Salad

with green apples, gorgonzola, sautéed mushrooms, with sherry vinaigrette, fried leeks

Hudson Valley Salad

with sliced apples, watercress, hickory smoked bacon, bleu cheese, and apple cider vinaigrette

Grecian Style Salad

with cucumber, feta & olives, & red wine vinaigrette

Winter Salad

with young red romaine, roasted beets, red onion, candied walnuts, parmesan and Honey cider vinaigrette

Arugula and Orange Salad

with toasted walnuts nuts, pickled red onion & crumbled feta cheese, and wild mushroom fricassee

Baby Green Salad

with candied nuts, fresh strawberries and gorgonzola