Fresh Fruits & Berries, beautifully displayed

A Taste of Vermont:
mini homemade blueberry & peach cobbler, apple crisp, chocolate pecan pie, fresh whipped cream

Sweet Miniatures:
A variety of our pastry chef’s whims & treats du jour

Cupcake Tree:
decorated moist cupcakes, choice of flavors

Cookies & Milk:
warm homemade cookies, ice cold shots of milk

Ice Cream Sundae Bar:
Vanilla & chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies, sliced bananas, wet walnuts, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, Caramel sauce, Oreo crumbles,fresh strawberries, colored sprinkles, & cherries

Passed Mini Ice Cream Cones

Smore Station:
Chocolate bar, graham cracker, marshmallows for toasting

Cakes & Shakes:
Mini vanilla milk shakes, warm fudge brownies cake

Cheese Cake Lollipops:
white chocolate, graham cracker dust

Hot Chocolate Sips with homemade marshmallows

Shortcake Bar:
pound cake discs, fresh strawberries, sautéed peaches, bananas flambé, homemade whipped cream, vanilla & chocolate ice cream

Coffee & Tea
Gourmet Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee
Regular & Herbal Teas
Milk, sugar, low calorie sweeteners